IBM Maximo Maintenance & Support

IBM Maximo Maintenance & Support Services

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IBM Maximo Maintenance & Support Services

A well-supported Maximo system means maximum work efficiency. Every day many end users are experiencing Maximo support issues and technical issues. To achieve this, Inforian IT:-‘s dedicated support team offers a range of Maximo support services to meet all your needs. Whether you need technical support, system administration, or application support, you can customize the package to suit you.

Our IBM Maximo Maintenance & Support Services include;

IBM Authorized Level 1 Support

Inforian IT:- is approved by IBM to provide Level 1 support, and with IBM to provide Level 2 and 3 support to all Maximo customers.
In this support model, the certification team provides direct support for core products and customizations. If you encounter a problem with your Maximo product, we will register calls with IBM for you to find a solution.
The IBM software license includes maintenance for the first year (called “Software Subscription and Support”). Annual maintenance allows customers to receive phone support, advice, and guidance during normal business hours. For critical issues1, IBM provides 24/7 support.
Requirement analysis- We make a detailed analysis of your business requirements. Each major version of Maximo offers additional features comparable to your overall business needs. We ensure that the previous configurations, reports, and customizations are supported by shelf software and incorporated into the comprehensive upgrade plan.
Documentation- We provides full documentation of the changes required to upgrade Maximo to the required version. Changes are typically categorized as data, integration, configuration, reporting, or customization.
Complete upgrade- We upgrade your system from the current version to the desired version. In addition to database migration, some activities related to configuration, security settings, report development, and interface design are performed in this phase.
Test and run- At this stage, our consultants carry out extensive testing of applications and implementation of activities such as user training.

Post-Go-Live Support

Our dedicated off-site support team provides Maximo’s post-operative support. From Go-Live, our team can correct any errors or omissions. Some customers prefer to maintain an on-site presence for the first few months of operation to provide immediate support for unexpected issues, while their own support team may gain more experience and confidence.

Bespoke Support

Inforian IT:- has Maximo support agreements with organizations that have implemented Maximo, as well as organizations that have implemented it by IBM or other vendors.
This is a testament to our depth of technical skills, customer focus, high responsiveness, and quality of service. We can provide basic Maximo features, Maximo configuration, customization, custom development, and front-line support for add-ons. All versions of Maximo are supported from version 4 to 7.6 of Maximo.

Managed Services

If desired, you can manage all aspects of your application infrastructure, from basic Internet application servers and databases to the Maximo application itself, to manage the complete Maximo environment.
In fact, Inforian IT:- can take it even further by providing and managing a complete infrastructure for hardware, networking, and software altogether.