IBM Maximo Integration Experts

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IBM Maximo Integration Experts


We are a leading web, application, and software development company. Our IT consultants understand the global needs of integrated services and also offer business-oriented web, application, and software integration services. We have unparalleled experience integrating Maximo into ERP solutions such as Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft and other third-party tools.

Incorporating the best Maximo tools is our main goal of fully automating and making your work easier to use. We are equipped with IBM’s latest tools and guarantees future integration of Maximo services. Integrate effective solutions into your business operations to get the best return on your investment.

How can we help you with Maximo Integration?

We offer a one-stop-shop for all your integration needs. Most of our technical advisors are recognized as system integrator experts. We have learned to use the Maximo Integration Framework (MIF) and has developed its own interface adapter for commonly used applications.

We develop new integrations, transforms existing ones to support upgrade tasks and interface extensions, and provides integration troubleshooting and support, including data migration to maximize data integrity.

Let’ see how we integrate Maximo tools for your business:

Requirements analysis – We have extensive experience in developing Maximo interfaces and integrations across software platforms and industries, always starting with requirements analysis.

Batch processing with maximum integration – If a system that can only send and receive data as a batch needs to integrate with Maximo, we use MIF to collect all the data in real-time, combine it and send it to an external system at once using database tables, static files, fixed-length files, or XML files.

Asynchronous Maximo Integration – If desired, we can use asynchronous communication to successfully integrate Maximo, as in the case of large amounts of low-demand data.

Synchronous Maximo Integration – When the demand for small amounts of data integration is high, we use MIF’s real-time ingestion capabilities with external systems to perform simultaneous integration.

Rest Maximo integration – Maximo supports both REST queries and email variants in open or certified REST web services, and we use this option as needed during integration.

Maximo Transformers – Our consultants have valuable experience with enterprise switches to help configure Maximo integration with external systems.

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