Know the Advantages of IBM Maxim


Know the Advantages of IBM Maxim

Maximo software offers asset management (EAM) -centric view over one based on resource planning (ERP) such as SAP.

Built for EAM from the ground up

Maximo EAM software is an application software built specifically for this purpose from the ground up, rather than SAP, a financial application with asset management capabilities. This is why Maximo software enables users to focus on asset-related business processes and operational control rather than financial and accounting requirements. As an asset management-focused application, Maximo can serve as a unified platform for managing all the critical assets that organizations depend on to run their activities. Maximo also supports advanced asset management activities.

  • Maximo software features include asset, labor, and inventory management capabilities combined with service management functionality. Track asset data, including attributes, repair history, etc., and associated spare parts list with interactive, visually presented part and component drawings
  • Maximo customers in capital-intensive industries can take advantage of industry-specific solutions to address unique asset management challenges.
  • IBM Maximo software specializes in fulfilling the unique needs of capital-intensive industries such as oil and gas, petrochemicals, manufacturing, power generation and supply, telecommunications, and transportation. IBM Maximo Solutions for these industries offers a wealth of management capabilities, with enhancements that align with the specific industry around security, reliability, and regulatory compliance.

Other specific benefits of the IBM Maximo solution include:

  • Lower implementation effort, cost, and risk.
  • Reduced training costs and improved functionality to drive user adoption.
  • Capabilities for the convergence of IT and operational assets on a single platform.
  • Minimizing the costs and risks of implementation and upgrades

Maximo is built on a flexible, standards-based architecture that allows for quick initial deployment, ease of configuration, and easy migration to future releases. Initial investments are kept to a minimum because IBM offers software for integration with SAP ERP.

Implementing the Maximo software can save time and money over SAP, which requires the buying of new licenses for additional asset management users when the PM module is implemented. Furthermore, due to the high degree of interdependence between SAP modules, the use of the PM module may require configuration changes in other business-critical modules, such as the Purchasing, Inventory, and General Ledger modules. This can introduce supply chain risks across the enterprise requiring testing on all related SAP modules.

Maximo software can be updated anytime, because of business operational requirements, independent of any ERP application. SAP PM, on the other hand, requires that all modules remain in the same version. Even with the new simplified updates, the effect of these changes

Across the SAP landscape is not easy to understand. This can be problematic for companies in capital-intensive industries that may want to take advantage of the EAM functionality. This can require a lengthy and complex upgrade process, putting operational objectives at the mercy of corporate IT strategy and jeopardizing the organization’s ability to take advantage of advances in asset management.

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