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Maximo Add-Ons

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Maximo Add-Ons

We are a group of IT professionals with deep experience in IBM Maximo and related fields. Since its inception, we have been working on dozens of projects related to the implementation of IBM Maximo for many clients. We are very excited about the great potential of the IBM Maximo platform. Therefore, we would like to share our knowledge with others and introduce some of the tools and add-ons that we have developed or found useful during our work.

Our Maximo Add On Solutions

We help our customers with the IBM Maximo implementation and use it with key business areas for industry-specific benefits.

Maximo Utilities

Maximo Utilities supports the transmission, distribution, and asset management businesses in water, gas, and power supplies. This product helps you manage your resources with improved crew types and crew configurations so that you can keep track of your skills and certifications. You can also manage and assign crew positions or HR qualifications.

IBM Maximo Transportation

IBM Maximo for Transportation is designed to increase the productivity of critical transportation assets and meet stringent legal requirements. MAXIMO for Transportation meets stringent regulatory requirements and helps you manage all types of transportation assets, including cars, trucks, buses, locomotives, rail vehicles, aircraft, and ships.

IBM Maximo Anywhere

We help you get remote access to Maximo asset management processes (Business and Asset Management) from most mobile devices. We also manage field technicians with a modern and customizable interface to support operations, assets, and teams.

Maximo Scheduler

Schedule, deliver, and track all your work while achieving efficiency with our automated task management. This comprehensive work management tool provides a graphical view of all work orders and preventive maintenance plans.

Maximo Lifesciences

MAXIMO for Life Sciences helps you, monitor, track and manage equipment, equipment, mobile devices, and IT assets on a single platform and become fully FDA compliant. Our team of Maximo experts integrates solutions like asset and service management, calibration, mobile calibration, CAPA support, etc., under one umbrella and integrates with RFID, SCADA, LIMS systems, and more.

Maximo Nuclear Support

MAXIMO Nuclear supports industry-specific requirements by modeling nuclear objects and commercial processes, including technical specifications, assortments, clearances, permits, control tests, and corrective actions.

Maximo Infrastructure

MAXIMO Private Infrastructure helps operators monitor the health of their infrastructure, combine scans, anomaly tracking, and maintenance activities to extend the life of your assets and keep your critical systems running.

MAXIMO add-ons complement core MAXIMO products by providing additional or industry-specific features. As an IBM Premium Business Partner, we provide scheduling, linear asset managers, calibrations, archives, IBM control desks, service providers, spaces, Building Information Modeling (BIM), health, safety, and environmental managers, asset configuration managers, and asset health. Contact us now, and avail any of the above Maximo add-on services.