Maximo Anywhere (Mobility)

Maximo Anywhere (Mobility)

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What is “Business Consulting”?

We offer personalized consulting services to a wide variety of companies and business situations. We advise both on the structural and organizational changes of a company, as well as on specialized areas in the fields of finance and risk management. We also help you manage large-scale IT projects and challenges, providing intensive training and coaching, quality management, and support related to IT and ERP architectures, for example.
Maximo Anywhere (Mobility) provides operational support and monitor projects until the (predefined) objective is achieved and goes further if necessary. Our recommendations offer valuable and tangible results and can be applied immediately with or without our help.

Our support and consulting services supplement and complement the well-known ERP implementation and Maximo Anywhere (Mobility) consulting services. Our business consulting services can be provided independently of ERP projects or before or after an ERP project, as required.

Consulting is a specialized and independent advisory service that companies in different industries use to find solutions to one or more of their business problems or business needs based on innovation, experience, knowledge, and the skills of the professionals, the methods, and the tools.

Changes in the environment, economies, governments, competition, technologies and others are a constant, just as it is in business. These changes also create new opportunities, but they also carry risks that are difficult to predict. Companies and their managers must be prepared for these changes and adopt measures to anticipate and seize opportunities. As a consultant, we will be offer practical answers to complex business problems. We will provide innovative and successful approaches in the different consultative interactions with clients.