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OBIEE Reporting Solutions

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OBIEE Reporting Solutions


Many organizations have invested heavily in OBIEE solutions with the goal of performing all analysis and reporting within the tool. However, getting real-time reports and data from OBIEE is still a challenge.

Our OBIEE Reporting solutions give users access to real-time reports across all major EBS modules from the existing OBIEE application. We deliver predefined reports and views of more than 1,100 reports automatically configured with custom fields, DFF, KFF, EIT, and SIT.

Features of Our OBIEE Reporting Solutions

Ready to use

We deliver complete, operational, and transaction-rich OBIEE reports, delivering more than 1,100 powerful, targeted reports on key modules within Oracle EBS. This includes finance, human capital management, supply chain, projects, customer relationship management, and manufacturing.

Our OBIEE Reporting solutions also provide hundreds of intuitive views that are automatically generated to fit your business requirements and application-specific configurations, such as KFF, DFF, EIT, and SIT. These views are used to build OBIEE archives, responses, and dashboards and to provide transaction reports for live production systems.

Our automatically configured OBIEE content allows you to:

  • Delivers real-time reports from Oracle EBS
  • Create operating reports quickly and easily
  • Provides transaction information right at the user’s fingertips
  • Deliver true custom reports with OBIEE

Advanced technology

We employ fully maintained with each release, introducing new reports, powerful new features, and upgrading existing reports created in previous versions of OBIEE. Our team offers round-the-clock support, a solid customer portal, and a free helpline.

We have created over 650 financial reports, supply chain, project manufacturing, and CRM reports, including:

  • Fully integrated with Oracle’s E-Business Suite.
  • Automatic detection of current settings (EIT, SIT, DFF, KFF, etc.).
  • It is organized in a chart of accounts.
  • Hundreds of simplified offer specific to your business needs.
  • Real-time transaction data.
  • Use your existing Oracle OBIEE skills kit.
  • Campaigns, support, documentation, and training.
Oracle has fully validated our OBIEE Reporting solutions to provide users with maximum reporting flexibility while maintaining Oracle security. Our OBIEE reporting solution offers functionality, functionality, security, and ease of use.