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Maximo Reports & Analytics


IBM Maximo provides comprehensive assets, maintenance, resources, procurement, time savings, and supply chain management. Like other enterprise-level systems, Maximo’s data volume is extensive and, when used correctly, can provide valuable insights that can help you better manage your business.

We have expertise in providing reports and analytics that allow users to gain insight into all assets, their relationships, and work processes around them for preventative, predictive, regular, and unplanned maintenance.

Our team of maxim experts helps you create better plans and controls. Further, we can assist companies in improving their services by allowing Maximo users to modify existing reports and create new ones easily.

Our Maximo Reporting and Analytics Services

We help improve Maximo reports, create new Maximo reports, and set up the basic Maximo reports architecture. Whatever version of Maximo you’re using, we’re the experts, and we can help. Our experience is as follows:
  • Track work orders and obsolescence
  • Contact aging issues
  • Work report
  • The main problem
  • Fleet management
  • Purchase order
  • Equipment use
  • Placement and hierarchy
  • Material management
We’ve helped upgrade and migrate reports from previous versions of Maximo to MXES, as well as Maximo 7.x and BIRT. Our clients not only research their operational reporting needs but also help us create reporting strategies.

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We have a project manager to make sure everything is going in the right direction. Our Project Manager ensures that we return the answers to our clients to keep the ball going. We also ensure that reports are delivered to clients on time. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now for IBM Maximo reporting and analytics services.