IBM Maximo Training

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IBM Maximo Training


As one of IBM Maximo’s leading training providers, we offer a comprehensive list of training programs specifically designed for Maximo users. We also offer detailed technical courses for system administrators, including aspects of the Maximo solution, such as log analysis, database architecture, and web domain concepts.

All courses are offered through open enrollment courses held at one of the designated training centers or at a location of your choice. We also offer tailor-made training programs, often held in client offices, which can take the form of one-on-one training or a more formal curriculum. Our courses can be customized to include your business processes and procedures and to use your own company data.

Our Training Services

From end-user training to system administrator training to mobile training, we can implement implementation consultants to provide expert guidance and benefit from hands-on experience.

Maximo mobile training – We offer Maximo mobile training with the prime goal of making companies self-sufficient when delivery takes place.

Maximo end-user education – We also provide end-user training targeted at different end-user groups. Our end-user training is available in different ways, giving users the specific training that works best for them.

Maximo Report Administration Training – We also provide Maximo Report Administration Training focused on personal interests. We typically take an intensive session to ensure that journalists are familiar with all areas of Maximo reporting.

System Administration training – Our system administrator training conducted in a workshop environment is internship-led and designed to cover unique system needs in detail.

Developer training – Our Developer Training, offered before, during, or after participation, provides a comprehensive dive into the Maximo development environment.

Why choose us?

We believe that Maximo training can help you become as self-sufficient as you want. Our Maximo Trainers reliably combines industry knowledge with proven Maximo expertise to provide unmatched insight into Maximo’s capabilities.

At the beginning of your implementation project, we provide standard Maximo training courses to help participants understand functionalities, product terminology, and how to navigate the system. This training is recommended for all project members and professionals who advise on current and planned business practices. As the project gets closer to production, it is imperative to teach all end-users how to use the new system. Individual training plans can be created based on jobs.