Why IBM Maximo Asset Management is Important?


Why IBM Maximo Asset Management is Important?

When selecting systems for enterprise asset management, the focus is on future viability. The technological upheavals of recent years have also changed the market for enterprise asset management. “EAM systems have become much more attractive since Industry 4.0 has been discussed. In the past, maintenance was a pure cost center – today. It is also seen as a competitive advantage.

Since the Internet of Things assets have been able to communicate their operating states, the need for Enterprise Asset Management has become more apparent – because the data can flow into the system, for example, to control maintenance, predictive keyword maintenance. With the collection of real-time data, the digital twin concept is at least theoretically within reach. However, in many cases, data acquisition for maintenance is too time-consuming and expensive compared to the potential benefits.

AR and VR as a supplement to Enterprise Asset Management

Applications from augmented and virtual reality have emerged as helpful support since the data glasses have become wearable and affordable even for more extended periods. This applies above all to training and system-guided processes but also to bring in external experts live.

The connection to the EAM system does not succeed by itself, but the large providers are waiting with appropriate interfaces. Central data management brings general transparency, encompassing everything from the company level to the regional, operational, departmental, plant, instance, and task levels. It offers hundreds of preconfigured reports and dashboards that enable rapid reporting. Users can configure reporting functions individually for all locations while the system compensates for all deviations at the company level. This function is essential when individual locations are organized differently.

A company may be faced with the need to Merging analyzes from different ERP systems or having to transfer data from one to another ERP system. It can also play a role if there are locally other business protocols, for example, whether a workweek starts on Sunday or Monday or differences in crucial business terms, for instance, in the definition of adherence to deadlines.

BM Maximo Asset Management is a comprehensive solution for managing physical assets on a common platform in asset-intensive industries. It offers “built-in” mobile access, out-of-the-box mapping, crew management, and analytical insight.

As an IBM Maximo partner, With IBM Maximo Asset Management, you can control all types of physical assets on a common platform with a single access point, allowing staff to easily share inventory and resources and apply best practices in total.

Optimize your business operations with Maximo solutions. Use Maximo Asset Management to run your assets at their best performance and maximize your return on investment. MaximoAssetManagement includes six management models with an enhanced service-oriented architecture.

As the business environment changes, organizations are constantly pressured to maintain their assets and increase their productivity actively.

  • Improve asset lifecycle and reliability, and increase productivity.
  • Effectively manage inventory and acquisitions.
  • Business process optimization.
  • Asset tracking and compliance
  • Asset maintenance.

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